Web Based

Access at the authority level from anywhere thanks to the web-based application.

Fire Report

It records a lot of information such as Team Information, Vehicle Information, Personnel Information, Incident Information, Lost Vehicle / Equipment Information, Extinguisher Information, Injured and Lost Information, Additional Documents and Pictures. It is produced as a PDF file in accordance with the institutional format with one click. If EBYS exists, it is sent to the e-signature flow by the system without taking any printouts thanks to the integration.

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With e-Sign integration, you can enter the signature flow without taking any printouts!

Mobile Application

Mobile application with Online and Offline

Broad Reporting and Statistics

A wide range of reports and statistics can be obtained from the type of fire and the equipment used.

It can be registered to the system as soon as a call is received with 112. The address of the crime scene can be reached both by choosing from the official address system and by clicking on the map.

After the crime scene address is determined, the closest station and vehicle information is automatically suggested.

According to the Institutional Scene Fire Report template, which should be given as an institution, all information is filled in by firefighters and automatically prepared from the system.

Petitions of institutions and organizations requesting a Fire Safety Report are recorded in the system. With the tablet application, it is possible to go to the address and check the conformity of the substances in accordance with the legislation together with the pictures. The report is then created automatically.

A wide range of reports and statistics can be obtained from the type of fire and the equipment used.

Kentsel ve Kırsal Ayrımı

Kapalı alan olarak kentsel ve kırsal alanların belirlenmesi sayesinde sistem otomatik olarak olay yeri türünü belirler, raporlarınız çok daha doğru sonuçlar verir.

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